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A portrait of "A Roaring Lion," by Shar, done on a prehistoric mammoth ivory section measuring  2 3/4"  x  2 1/2," and mounted on an exotic hard wood base with a velvet pad on the bottom. Overall height with base included is 3 1/2." A biography of the artist is provided with purchase. Asking  $999.00


Have a portrait of your Pet Scrimshawed on one of our knives as shown below.


To view samples of previous scrimshaw knives click on page # 8 from our directory below.


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                   Animal or Nautical subject matter

                     No work is to small or to large

Including whole mammoth or mastodon ivory tusks, sold raw, sanded and polished, or with complete scrimshaw designs.

Although most items shown have been sold, similar works of art are available as custom orders. Please contact us to discuss  further details.


Scrimshaw "Attacking Roaring Lion pouncing on a Zebra"  Mounted Mammoth Ivory tusk section. SOLD



White Tiger Portrait on Pre-ban Elephant Ivory Cross Cut



Scrimshaw Jaguar Portrait on Pre-ban Elephant Ivory Tusk Cross Cut section, Measuring 3" x 2 1/2" with a thickness of  3/16."

_______________   SOLD__________________

For domestic purchase only - No International delivery allowed

Available @ $1,500.00 with insured shipping fees included.



         Jaguar Portrait on stand -Sold

Jaguar Portrait super close up showing detail of work

          Jaguar Portrait in palm of hand


               Samples of other works Previously Sold